Rocksure Soundz

Royalty Free Sound Effects, Royalty Free Music

What we offer

  • Both the MP3 and Wave formats made available for download.
  • High quality pristine audio:
    • All music is uncompressed stereo WAV (PCM), CD-quality, 16bit depth at 44.1 kHz sample rate
    • All sound effects are 24bit at 44.1kHz sample rate
    • All audio comes in MP3, 320kbit/s, 44.1kHz sample rate, containing enriched meta-data of the audio details.
  • We don’t require you to provide unnecessary personal details to purchase our products.
  • No advertising clutter.
  • All payments are made through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account they will also accept most credit cards directly. We don’t hold any credit card details.
  • High quality, simple to use audio previews. Production music previews are MP3 at 192kbps with a pink noise water mark every 7 seconds. The rest of the audio previews are MP3
  • Simple user interface and easy steps to purchase and download.
    • Browse or search products
    • Preview on line using the plugin audio player
    • Click on “Add to Cart” for any product you want to purchase. The shopping cart is displayed on your top left hand side showing the total price of purchase. You can edit and review your order at checkout, so adding items to your cart can be used also to bookmark items.
    • Click “Checkout Now” to review your order.
    • Provide an email address so we can send you your download links and receipt.
    • Click “Make Purchase” where you will be directed to PayPal for payment after which the download link and receipt will be emailed to you.
    • PayPal will then direct you to a web page for you to download your product(s). This will save the need for you to open your email, in order to get the download link.
  • A backup of what you have purchased. We allow you to download 10 copies of each product you have purchased. Note: If you are not a site member you will need to keep hold of your purchase email that contains your download link.
  • Free “Standard” membership that keeps a history record of all your purchases. This is useful if you loose your product and would like to download it again. In the future we may offer special deals for members. We do not require personal details for you to become a member.
  • “Silver” membership for free sound effects and half price on all music. This also extends to new content added during the period of membership.
  • “Gold” membership where everything is free for download. This also extends to new content added during your membership period.
  • New products are added frequently. For some measure of this in the year 2010 about 3500 sound effects and 200 music products were added.