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Pack 05D Household Sounds: Water Spray and Drinks



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Sound Effect, Pack 05D Household Sounds: Water Spray and Drinks: This is the fourth pack in our household sound effects series. It contains 115 sfx of water, drinks, beverage pouring, hoses, baths, and a range of other sounds that one might associate with a domestic setting where these things are in use. All sfx were recorded with high quality microphones and analog recording equipment, and are presented here as a zip of 24 bit/44.1kHz wav files. [back to packs menu]

Note: White noise has been added to previews.
Album Rocksure Soundz Sound Effects Online
Content 115 sound files
Owner Rocksure Soundz Limited NZ
Pack Size 332 MB
SKU se10803
Subtitle se10803 - Sound Effects
Suggested Use Sound Effects
WAV 24bit 44k1Hz
Year 2013