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Pack 01 Beeps Bleeps and Buzzers Sound Effects



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Sound Effect, Pack 01 SFXP 1 Beeps Bleeps and Buzzers Sound Effects: This pack contains 105 beeps, bleeps and buzzer sounds. It includes electronically generated sounds from synthesizers and other sources, as well as mechanical sounds that were captured with high quality microphones and analog recording equipment. The pack also includes game show style sound effects that combine buzzers with sound such as "sad brass" to give blooper sounds for wrong answers and such like. The sound pack is presented here as a zip of 24 bit/44.1kHz wav files. [back to packs menu]

Note: White noise has been added to previews.
Album Rocksure Soundz Sound Effects Online
Content 105 sound files
Owner Rocksure Soundz Limited NZ
Pack Size 86 MB
SKU se10796
Subtitle se10796 - Sound Effects
Suggested Use Sound Effects
WAV 24bit 44k1Hz
Year 2013