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An Heir of Mystery



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A dreamy track with a somewhat ethereal feel. It features a repetitive conga drum beat and percussion. An electric guitar is the main rhythm instrument and is played over a subdued synth pad. It has also some echoing flute parts.

Note: White noise has been added to previews.
Album Rocksure Soundz Production Music Online
Album Artist Rocksure Soundz
Artist Tony Koretz
Composer Tony Koretz
Copyright ©2010, (APRA/AMCOS 292649038), Tony Koretz, Rocksure Soundz Limited NZ,,
Genre World Music, Celtic
Instrumentation Rock Band
Involved People Tony Koretz: Rock Band;
Length 03:49
Mood romantic
MP3 Bit Rate 320 kbps
MP3 Sample Rate 44100 Hz
MP3 Size 8.74 MB
Owner Rocksure Soundz Limited NZ
Publisher Rocksure Soundz Limited NZ
SKU pm4909
Subtitle pm4909 - Production Music
Suggested Use romantic, historical, mystery
WAV 16bit 44k1Hz
Year 2010