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License Overview

Sound Effects Licensing:

All the Rocksure Soundz sound effects are ‘royalty-free’. This means, the purchase price covers all fees for licensing and usage. The purchaser of our sound files is licensed to use the sound effects as many times as they want, for as long as they want. They can also be used in an unlimited number of productions with the sound effects ‘synchronized’ to your audio/video production. Included in this is commercial web design, software applications, animations, games, video, podcasts, radio, TV, DVD, film etc. Our license also includes usage as ring tones or other hardware devices that “play” sounds.
This license is valid regardless of whether your product is commercially available for sale or not. If you’re using our sound effects in TV commercials, you are covered under our agreement and need no further license. The license also covers downloadable games, web design, hardware/software games, DVD, radio broadcast production including commercials, video, film and theater.

Legal: Upon receipt of Rocksure Soundz sound effects the purchaser agrees to the following:

Rocksure Soundz sound effects/ sound samples are licensed, not sold, for synchronized use within the purchaser’s sound creations and productions. All copying, lending, duplicating, reselling, distributing or de-compiling of this product in its original form to any party other than the original purchaser is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this is in violation of copyright laws. Only the original purchasers of this product have the right to use the enclosed sound effects within their own sound productions.

The license fee can be found with each sound effect. There is only one fee regardless of usage.

Sound usage can include sound design and assembly of our elements for video games, commercial web design, online and CD-ROM entertainment, radio, television, film, video, podcasts, DVD, theater and personal use.

Click here to view our licensing agreement

Click here to download a PDF version of the licensing agreement

When you purchase sound effects or music from our site, you’re purchasing a sync license. This license covers productions such as:

  1. *TV, Film and Radio productions
  2. *Video Game production
  3. *Websites (button clicks, hover states, animations, background music etc)
  4. *Podcasts
  5. *Internet based media such as Youtube videos
  6. *Ring tones for personal use

Production Music Licensing

All the terms that apply to sound effects also apply to music except usage within the medium of broadcast (radio, film, television, cable).

If you use our music for traditional BROADCAST purposes (tv, radio or film), a cue sheet must be filled out and submitted to a Performing Rights Society (APRA, BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, PRS etc.) This is so that any performance royalties are paid out to the composer and publisher. It is an industry standard practice to fill out and submit cue sheets. You are required to fill out the cue sheet below and submit it to either your broadcaster or directly to a Performing Rights Organisation. Because we are based in New Zealand all our music is subject to APRA, (Australasian Performing Rights Association), but you may submit the cue sheets to any PRO. You must also email or post us a copy. For commonly asked questions regarding cue sheets see our FAQ page.

Please fill out a Cue Sheet with information about the Production (TV show, movie, etc.) using the music and what music you are using.

You are not required to submit cue sheets for sound effects/sound samples, but you ARE legally required to do this for ALL MUSIC usage within the broadcast medium.

There are no additional fees involved. You will not be asked to pay more when you submit cue sheets.

Download APRA Cue Sheet here

Download APRA Cue Sheet Guide here

Click here to view our licensing agreement

Click here to download a PDF version of the licensing agreement

Legal Uses of our Sound Effects and Music

*broadcast: tv, radio, cable, Podcast

*ring tones (personal use only, not for resale)

*website sound design (commercial and personal)

*non-commercial electronic devices

*commercial productions such as music, film

*audio brands such as business logos

*on hold music

*games including console, PC, hand held, web and downloadable

*software applications

Illegal uses of our Sound Effects and Music

  • You may not make our sounds available to people who have not themselves purchased a license to use them.
  • You may nor redistribute or sell any of our sounds in their original form for any purpose.
  • You may not re-sample or change the sounds in any way for the purpose of redistribution
  • You may not redistribute our sounds as ring tones
  • You may not edit our sounds or add sounds to our music and then claim to have composed or created it.