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Pack 16 Spooky Loops Production Music

Pack 16 Spooky Loops is collection of 26 music loops. Most of the loops are 1:08 minutes long, and atonal in nature. They are designed to be interchangeable, seamlessly loopable, and can even be layered on top of each other if you wish. These loops would work very well in horror movies, thrillers or mystery documentaries as background music. Presented here as a zip of 16 bit/44.1 kHz wav files.

$8.95 USD


Pack 17 Dragons Dinosaurs Monsters Cr...

Sound Effects Pack 17 Dragons, Dinosaurs, Creatures & Monsters: This pack contains the screeches, growls and roars of mythical beasts and ancient giant reptilian monsters. Take a trip into their mystical world through the sounds found in this collection. All sfx were recorded with high quality microphones and analog recording equipment, and are presented here as a zip of 24 bit/44.1kHz wav files.

$6.95 USD


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