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Basket of Forbidden Charms

An eastern feel with a heavy rock beat. Arabic or Indian with sitar, bass, electric and acoustic guitars over a slow ballad drum beat. A moody, brooding, almost dark forboding track, with a hint of seduction: like someone might be walking into a trap, or being seduced to the lair of a den of theives, a forbidden harem, or a snake charmer.

$6.95 USD



Haunted Night Requiem

Suit medieval, spooky or gothic horror scene. Slow atmospheric and dramatic. Cathedral Pipe organ is the main instrument, with bass piano, scary synth and deep choir voices. Huge in places but with dynamics. Conjures up a picture of a shadowy black figure playing huge organ in a mansion or cathedral.Nightmare!!Old style Dracula.

$6.95 USD



Scenic Flight Over Paradise

A mellow song with acoustic and classical guitars over a beat of steady drums and keyboard pads. Very suited to panoramic video presentations or nature and scenic documentaries.

$6.95 USD


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