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A Beautiful Dream

A dreamy number with keyboards, an echo strat guitar and a subdued beat in the verse type sections. It has a bigger drum sound in a chorus section, and a wall of guitars at the end of each bridge section, before returning to the spase verse feel.

$6.95 USD



Bright Breezy Day

Short and cheerful, light breezy folk ditty. Two acoustic guitars over a string pad give this tune a countryside picnic or frolicking feel. Whimsical, fun and happy. Good for outdoors TV or movie scenes where the theme is a happy one. May suit a commercial also.

$6.95 USD



In The Meadow

A bright cheerful song featuring two rich sounding acoustic guitars, one being a stereo rhythm and the other playing a lead line. It has a celtic flavour. The first few seconds and the last few seconds also have the sound of skylarks singing. This could suit medieval outdoor scenes, romantic vistas, nature or background to a variety of other scenarios.

$6.95 USD


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