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Gold - 35 Pack 35 Percent Discount


The new improved Rocksure Soundz GOLD SOUND EFFECTS PACK contains all 35 of the sfx packs that we sell separately, but at a 35% discount over the cost of buying those packs individually. There are more than 4000 sound effects in this collection.

There is an overview of the individual sfx packs found on the website’s main page. If you wish to hear a 90 second audition of the contents of each of the individual packs contained in the GOLD PACK, click on any of the pack images.

The cost of the Gold Pack is $154.11

The Gold Pack Bundle consists of the following Sound Effects Packs:

Pack 01 Beeps Bleeps and Buzzers Sound Effects
Pack 02 Common Bird Sounds
Pack 03 Crowd Ambiences: Markets Cafes Events Schools
Pack 04 Farm Animal Sounds
Pack 05A Household Sounds: Doors Draws and Windows
Pack 05B Household Sounds: General
Pack 05C Household Sounds: Kitchen
Pack 05D Household Sounds: Water Spray and Drinks
Pack 06 Machinery Sounds
Pack 07 Natural Ambiences: Seaside Countryside Bush Garden
Pack 08 New Zealand Nature and Bird Sounds
Pack 09A Sci-Fi Sound Effects: Aliens and Gadgets
Pack 09B Sci-Fi Sound Effects: Space Crafts
Pack 09C Sci-Fi Sound Effects: Weapons
Pack 09D Sci-Fi – Strange Effects, Pulses, Space Crafts & Motors
Pack 10 Sounds of Rivers Streams and Waterfalls
Pack 11 Sounds of the Sea
Pack 12 The Sound of Footsteps
Pack 12B Footsteps Part 2
Pack 13A Transport Sounds: Airplanes and Helicopters
Pack 13B Transport Sounds: Cars and Traffic
Pack 13C Transport Sounds: Trains Buses and Boats
Pack 13D Transport Sounds: Trucks and Motorbikes
Pack 14A Weather Sounds: Rain Hail and Thunder
Pack 14B Weather Sounds: Wind
Pack 15 Whooshes and Swooshes Sound Effects
Pack 17 Dragons Dinosaurs Monsters Creatures
Pack 18 Scary Frights Creaks Groans Ghostly Moans
Pack 19 Bangs, Explosions & Fireworks
Pack 20 Electrical Sounds: Radio Static, Switches, Shocks, Electricity
Pack 20B Beepers, Clickers, Counters & Computers
Pack 22 Locks, Latches and Safes
Pack 23A Metallic Clunks, Thuds, Clangs and Scrapes
Pack 23B Workshop Tools and Machinery
Pack 23C Construction Site, Earthworks and Building